skatured (skatured) wrote,

Day One: Do Nothing

I am fighting off a bug and multiple late nights, so today I did very little. I wore pajamas all day, no bra or contacts even! I invited the neighbor to bring over his girls for a play date with my pajama clad children (same ones as yesterday!) and visit while watching Uverse showcase --a fireplace and pretty scenic locations around the world. We snacked and ate easy food --frozen cheese pizza, Mac n cheese, crackers, pumpkin pie, popcorn, cookies and cold cereal. We watched Oblivion after the girls went to bed (I liked it---just because everyone hates Tom Cruise, doesn't make the movie automatically bad). Now I took melatonin and a Claritin (to combat my sinus issues) and go to bed. Tomorrow is the most dreaded day of the new year --Jan 2 "holidays are over."
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