skatured (skatured) wrote,

Party Opportunity

I thought it would be cool to have a Battlestar Finale party for the two hour special tonight. You know watch it together and then talk about it while eating good food?

Tim doesn't think it would be a good idea. He sarcastically adds "Maybe people could dress up as Battlestar characters too and turn our bathroom tub into a resurection tank and store the alcohol in there."

"Why would be put the alcohol in there?" I asked.

"Just because. Why not?" He replied.

We could have Battlestar themed goodies too --- like Doc Cottle Lil' Smokies, Starbuck Coffee Cake, and .... well you get the idea.
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If I didn't have a ton of people coming this weekend, I would TOTALLY come to your party. Right now, it looks like I'll be watching it after everyone falls asleep.
i think that's a great idea!

and for the record i would also dress up if it were in the invite. why not? :)
I would go to that!! I don't think I would dress up, though :P
I love theme parties and that would be tons of fun! Why's Tim such a nazi-fun hater? =P
I forgot that the BSG finale was tonight! We're generally a week behind on our Tivo, so we still haven't watched last week's episode.

You would have to have some kind of Toaster Treats, wouldn't you?

Frakkin Frankfurters?

Cylon Cider

Gaeus (sp?) Goulash

That would be fun! Only....we missed the last 2 episodes, don't have TiVo and they have it set up some weird way online where it doesn't rerun each episode until EIGHT days later so you're screwed if you miss any. Sigh. Or should I say--FRAK!!! :(