skatured (skatured) wrote,

Pictures! Xmas Time

Okay, these aren't all that Christmas related. I have to go through those yet (except for the two from my phone) the others are from before xmas.

"What's down there anyway?"  Morella and Innsmouth investigate. 

Okay, these next three photos are a "set" in that Morella has this incredibly dopey, goofy look on her face when she is doing something she isn't sure she should be doing. She looks at me with this expression waiting for my reaction.  In this case, she is playing with the phone. 

Man, they crack me up every time.


 Morella and her Daddy on Christmas morning.

 Morella and her first baby doll. She ended up getting three of them and was in baby doll heaven. This is the one we got for her, we never wrapped it but she wasn't able to play with it until Christmas eve. Well, she played with the doll while it was in the box....


 Morella and her grandma (my Mom)

Morella and my brother James. 
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