skatured (skatured) wrote,

A small christmas rant.

My family is making it very hard for me be in the Christmas spirit.

My side of the family is poor. I'm talking, one outfit, dirty beyond recognition I take that back. They could afford to have warm clothes, a house that wasn't falling apart, decent food to eat, all that if they stopped drinking, smoking and playing video games all fucking day. None of them work, well Frank does under the table...if you know what I mean.

Usually I get them practical things. Things I know they need like towels, socks, pants, jacket, etc. This year I am tired of it and just asked what they wanted.

Mom - personal dvd player
Josh - The Last Remnant (xbox 360)
Shane - Wireless xbox 360 headset (and maybe a blanket)
Frank - Says he doesn't care. But whenever I don't get him anything, I hear about it from Mom about how he was "forgotten."
Andrew - probably a video game (I need to find out)

God. I know it's Christmas, but do they always have to so effin disappointing? I HATE that they think I am money bags. And because I asked what they wanted and it's all electronic shit...

Christmas with Tim's family is never as expensive as it is with mine.

EDIT: Not to mention that their house can't accommodate guests so we have to shell out money for a hotel on top of that, plus drive all the way there and back.
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