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Big Photo Post

I needed to get these out of my system -- and it's been awhile since there has been pictures. I think that this past month has really aged Morella.

Big Photo Post: November

It's a little all over the place, but I just downloaded all of my pictures from the past two weeks and picked my favorites. I had a lot of blurry ones because much of them were taken with me on the couch -- which would also explain why there are some blurry ones here, but I still like them. In a way, I still feel like we are all recovering from the trials and tribulations of November.

Morella in a car -- not thrilled at all. She was at her cousin's birthday party.

She did however enjoy her cousin's birthday cake! It was practice for the following week.

Here is her own birthday cake! I added the safari animals and candles later. I thought it kind of looked like a tripped out savannah.

One of Morella's little party guests - Ruth wearing the hat for all of six seconds and her Mom.

Morella had exactly ONE bite of her birthday cake, which was more than I had of her cake on her birthday. Little did we realize that we were exposing everyone to the highly contagious norovirus.

Morella taking a moment from crying to look at some birthday cards.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too.

And cry....

Good thing we had a small battallion of helpers open her gifts for her.

Not to make it seem like I have a crush on Ruth and Sarah, but I liked the energy of this picture and I think it captured the spirit of the party well.

We awoke the next morning to find that it had snowed. Winter has begun.

I finally learned how to do macro's on my camera. Here is profile of Morella. I think she looks a little like my Mom in this photo. I think mostly by her eyes and expression.

She is looking very grown up, isn't she? I think her baby days are numbered.

Taking tissues out of the box is fun...look there are more! If it meant she wasn't crying, then I pretty much have let her get away with murder these past few weeks.

Our young neice, Moslee -- man she is a cutie pie.

Morella climbed the stairs all the way to the top! She later put her new found talent to work climbing boxes in the living room. Oops.

Morella wearing her birthday cloak and bonnet. She loves the bonnet and doesn't try to take it off! Plus, she looks so freaking adorable in the outfit. We have had her wear it out in public a few times now.
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You have an absolutely breathtaking daughter! I love it when you post pictures.
Thanks, I was inspired by everyone else this week. :) (You included!)
Wonderful pictures!! I love the snow and the cloak and bonnet and the one of her looking grown up!!

Were there other causalities of the virus among the party guests?
OMG were their causalities -- about 60% the attendees got really sick. I feel terrible about it! But I didn't know! We didn't know. Neither Tim or I have had the stomach flu (that we can remember). You know, if we watched TV then we might have known because it was on the news a few days earlier about how it was all over town.
that cloak is amazing! Did Jess make it?
How did you guess? :) She totally made it - it's like a perfect fit too. Incredible.
I agree that she is looking more like a toddler now. Something about them turning one ages them so much! I love the birthday cloak and bonnet. Did someone make that for you?
Yeah my old high/grade school friend made it for Morella. She's does really innovative crafts and projects.
I love the pictures! She is sooo beautiful!! I love the snowy houses picture, too..Probably just any other snowy day to you, but we don't get that out here so I think it's very pretty :)
You can have the snow! And the corresponding cold -- ugh it got cold tonight.
I love her.
Thanks. :D I do too.

Deleted comment

Thanks! I picked that outfit out myself! Or wait do you mean the cloak and bonnet...which is equally cute.
I love your pictures!
Did everyone end up getting it? We went to a Holiday party one year, and EVERYONE got it. It was awful. We got it again last Christmas, I think it was even worse then. Ugh. This December has got to be good.
And thanks to you too for a link to your gallery today. I have booked marked it.

And yeah, about 60% of the guests did get it. We were appalled! We didn't really know what we had until it was too late. If we would watch TV then we would have known that the norovirus was rampant in the Madison area.

You know, after lots of thinking about it -- I am fairly certain that we caught it at the clinic.
I love them all! great pics.
She's so lovely! Thanks for sharing the birthday pics with us. I can't believe it's been a year.