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Friday Photos

Friday Photos: Hospital

These were all taken on the last day she was there, and when her IV was unhooked, because I gotta tell you, when the IV is in, you gotta do a lot more wrangling.

She did really well this morning. She drank six ounces of chocolate breastmilk, ate some yogurt, cheerios and a few bites of banana and had a few crackers before she laid down for her morning nap. I bet it's nice to get some quiet sleep.

Last but not least.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM! Just think, in a few more years you'll think this was young.

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all things considered, it looks like she (and you) handled all this remarkably well. i'm glad she's eating and drinking again!
Yeah I am so glad she is back to eating too. I swear ... eating. Who would have thought it would be the one thing I obbess about most?
Aww - she looks so pitiful in that big hospital bed! I just want to reach through the computer and give her a hug.
Seriously! That's what I was thinking!

At least she's 1000X better than she's been. And, I love the pic with Morella and the Panda. Adorable!


9 years ago


9 years ago

Yay! I love the one with the panda bear!
Manda the Panda was a total suprise visit! I was sure what she would think of a large costumed bear but she seemed to dig it. Hilary and her kids were visiting at the same time, and it was amazing to see how much they loved the visit. the giggling and laughing make it more fun for Morella I'm sure.


9 years ago

So glad to know she has busted out of that hospital jail! :-) She does look a ton better in these photos than in the Teething Hell one! So glad she is home and you all are doing so well.
IT was totally a jail cell! Especially when the top parts were pulled down...the nurse assured me that no baby has ever busted out of the crib. :) And I feel so bad about the Teething Hell picture because it was really "Ear Infection Hell" (as it probably wasn't Mastoiditis until Monday).
yey! all that looks so familiar - i hope they are treating you well in there! :)i'm glad things are well!
Paige was just under 2 when she ended up in the hospital for about 3 days. It is so hard seeing them there. Morella looks so ready to leave in that top picture.

I had chronic ear infections as a baby/toddler/kid and I had never heard of Mastoiditis. It sounds so scary. I am so glad she is home and feeling better.
Whats the deal with that plastic thing over the top of her crib? I love the last photo of her where shes smiling and pointing. I hope you never have a week like this again! :)
What a tough girl! I'm so glad she's home and doing better.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Tim!!
I'm so glad you're all doing better!
Awww! I got a little choked up at the Panda picture :S I know they try hard to make the hospital a more welcoming place for little ones, but it's so sad to see her in there. However, she does look a ton better, and eating is truly a sign that she's feeling better.