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Day One: Do Nothing [01 Jan 2014|11:43pm]
I am fighting off a bug and multiple late nights, so today I did very little. I wore pajamas all day, no bra or contacts even! I invited the neighbor to bring over his girls for a play date with my pajama clad children (same ones as yesterday!) and visit while watching Uverse showcase --a fireplace and pretty scenic locations around the world. We snacked and ate easy food --frozen cheese pizza, Mac n cheese, crackers, pumpkin pie, popcorn, cookies and cold cereal. We watched Oblivion after the girls went to bed (I liked it---just because everyone hates Tom Cruise, doesn't make the movie automatically bad). Now I took melatonin and a Claritin (to combat my sinus issues) and go to bed. Tomorrow is the most dreaded day of the new year --Jan 2 "holidays are over."
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2 Year Sleep Regression? [09 Feb 2010|10:41am]
I had four hours of sleep last night. Not from the baby --- she’s a dream now. Goes to sleep for realz somewhere between 8-9 and stays that way except for wanting to eat a few times a night. That I can deal with. What I cannot deal with is the new Morella.

The one that all of a sudden now wakes up screaming at night for the door to be open, the lights to be on, to take off her damn blanket, no wait she wants it back but only touching her foot, puppies!, no kitty, Daddy!, no daddy, Mommy!, she wants us to sit by her, sleep on the floor, in the trundle bed, she wants several drinks perched on the side of her bed in case she gets thirsty...wtf.

THEN ... she will repeat this 2-4 times a night. I don’t get it. What happened? How long is this going to last? Last night I was so angry with her that I vowed we were going to ferberize her tonight. Enough coddling. No more fulfilling stupid requests. Every night it becomes more elaborate. The door is going to be closed. The lights are going to be off (except the nightlight) and she can scream it out, bang on the door, etc. I would rather her do this between 7-12 then from 12 to 2:30 in the morning. I have had enough!

Is this happening to you guys? How long did it last? What did you? I still feel angry with her today because she is crabby and sleep deprived and doesn’t want to take an effin nap.

Also. One more thing. She now screams "NO MOMMY!" when she is pooping and goes to hide in our room or tells me to leave the living room. Yet, she doesn’t want to potty train anymore and throws a fit unless she is wearing a diaper.

HELP! Words of advice, or compassion, or anecdotes appreciated.
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Contest! [08 Feb 2010|09:06pm]
Okay so in preparation for the big blog move to Wordpress, I need a banner. I could sit down and make a really lame one with my geriatric, graphic skills or I could ask you guys to make one for me. I would probably display it, give credit and what else could I do get someone to do this for me? A could have a contest! Yeah! If I got three submissions, I could put it forth to a vote and then give the winner (or maybe even all three contenders) a prize! It would be something really cool too ... like .... uh.... I could make you something native american-y. Yeah! Like maybe a pair of hand made moccasins for your kid, an awesome beaded keychain, a necklace, or beaded earrings...all hand made by the real deal.

Mission: Make a banner(s) for Wazika

Those are the 4 most common sizes for wordpress.
125x125 is generally in the side bar
300x300 is a side bar
250x250 is generally in the post toward the top
468x60 fits across the bottom or across the top of a post.

Submissions due by Feb. 23rd.
Email to hadjare at gmail.com

And of course, if I don't get anyone willing to help a sister out, then I'll just use the randomizer flicker plugin. Which, you know, is a total cop out.

(x posted)
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Are you a newborn person? [22 Sep 2009|11:20am]
Talk to me folks. Not many of you post as much as you used too. Today I am thinking about writing a post regarding Are You a Newborn Person" based on this these two posts --- and the subsequent comments (the best part). Several comments include the adoption experience.

True Confession, I loved having a Newborn
  and   Are You a Newborn Person? 

In a nutshell, I am not a newborn person.   Those first five months with Morella were a haze -- a tough, hellish haze of doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, exhaustion, ....etc.  I was sort of expecting the same with Athena...but so far that isn't the case. I find that I have bonded with her almost instantly (as opposed to taking 3-4 months with Morella) and am overall not as bothered by her newborn condition.  In fact, she is just the sweetest little thing and I love every second with her (almost).  That said, I still am looking forward to the 3-4 month mark when things start becoming remarkably easier and they become more interesting.  

What do you think? Are you a new baby person? 

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Athena Madeline [11 Aug 2009|05:00pm]
First things first (though somewhat belated):

Athena Madeline
Born August 7, 2009
at 10:44PM
Weighing 8lbs 8oz
and 20 inches long

Labor was shorter than with Morella, but just as sucky. I'll work on something like a birth story for later. And since Dinner is on the table, and I am quickly just trying to post and update -- I am now going to just cross post today's entry from Wazika, which includes more pictures.

4 Day ApptCollapse )
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Diaper advice? [23 Jul 2009|02:10pm]
So Morella has been complaining about a rash that appears on her inner thighs from diaper chafing. She usually gets it after she walks a lot wearing her cloth diaper....I slather it constantly in A and D, with a dab of hydrocorison, change freqently, and it's gone every morning only to come back if we go for any kind of a walk. It's just her legs are so skinny that no matter how snug or tight eventually it works loose enough to chaf.

Right now she is having more naked time because of this --- naked time that resulted in a turd in her room yesterday and no interest in her potty. Anyway.

What do I do? It's really chapping my hide. (pun)
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Friday Photo [26 Jun 2009|05:29pm]
Friday Photo: The Fashion Diva

My old college friend Karen sent us a box of her daughter's outgrown clothes which we received this afternoon. Morella helped me open the package and then take out each item of clothing exclaiming over every piece. When we had finished looking at all the wonderful items of clothing she picked out the pink tutu and teal tank top to wear...as in she tried to put them on. I helped her a bit, and here we have the end result.

xposted from Wazika
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Testing [26 May 2009|10:12pm]
I had to try it...and after an hour and half I have succeeded in making an animated icon. I totally know how to do this now. :D So if anyone ever wants one, let me know.
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The Best Mother's Day Ever [10 May 2009|08:39pm]
1. A real card. It was funny and ironic too because last night Tim's snoring was extra loud and vibrating. Combined with a glass of iced tea before bed, I couldn't sleep and so moved to the office to lay on the futon, where I apparently went to sleep right away and slept all night. So the card says "For Mother's Day I got you something you would really enjoy in the bedroom...." and you open it and it has two cotton balls attached inside with text that read "Cotton balls for your ears so you don't have to hear my snoring." AWWWWwwww! Morella opened it for me. She's really good at opening mail these days, that is if I don't care about the envelope.

A side note -- the futon is extremely comfortable to me right now, I think because it provides back support.

2. Flowers.
3. A box of Lindt assorted chocolates.
4. A fancy breakfast that included: a egg/sausage/cheese casserole, french toast, bacon extra crispy and --- "Momosa's" made with sparkling grape juice, orange juice and ice. I told him that is going to be a yearly tradition now. The girls and I will look forward to morning "Momosa's" every Mother's Day and that that they would have their own little champagne flutes for it (probably party plastic ones...).
5. A gift. A REAL, honest to god gift. I wasn't expecting a gift at all -- heck any one of the above mentioned things would have been more than enough. But no, Tim went above and beyond the call of duty and figured out the most perfect gift that you can give a pregnant woman with an aching back and calves....I was stunned. A Massage Pillow.

I have already used it twice today. :D

For dinner, in keeping with my vow to NOT cook today, we had Culver's. They had free small sundae's for Mom. :D I got one and a 1$ root beer float. The sundae is still in the freezer. I couldn't pass up a free one.

Anyway. This has been the best Mother's Day ever. Thank you Darling. I'm really glad that we had that chat, one year ago, on this day, at 6:00PM ish.

Also. Morella went to bed at 5:20 today. She was crabby again all day. She barely ate anything (day two), drank a ton of milk and ... and ... she isn't sick, she has no fever....I thought maybe, maybe there is a glimpse of a top right molar coming in. I would say "Thanks for the early bed time kid," but the night is not over yet.
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Party Opportunity [20 Mar 2009|08:38am]
I thought it would be cool to have a Battlestar Finale party for the two hour special tonight. You know watch it together and then talk about it while eating good food?

Tim doesn't think it would be a good idea. He sarcastically adds "Maybe people could dress up as Battlestar characters too and turn our bathroom tub into a resurection tank and store the alcohol in there."

"Why would be put the alcohol in there?" I asked.

"Just because. Why not?" He replied.

We could have Battlestar themed goodies too --- like Doc Cottle Lil' Smokies, Starbuck Coffee Cake, and .... well you get the idea.
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[17 Mar 2009|09:27am]
Today is the day! Happy St. Patrick's Day and the day we hopefully see healthy organs and find out if Crouton is a boy or girl (4:00 CT)! Last chance to to get the best guess in -- winner is getting a gift card to Target come August.

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Friday Photos [23 Jan 2009|03:03pm]
Herein lies Friday Photos.

Calgon....take me away! Collapse )
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News [13 Jan 2009|04:25pm]
An announcement x-posted from Wazika

Sensitive details followCollapse )
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Pictures! Xmas Time [28 Dec 2008|09:58pm]
Okay, these aren't all that Christmas related. I have to go through those yet (except for the two from my phone) the others are from before xmas.
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Memories! [22 Dec 2008|08:57pm]
OMG. Morella just yapped something from her room. It's 9:00!! I am ready for bed! I figure I could indulge in a little reverse sleeping in since today was so long and arduous.

I remember when I was a kid how the winter break was spent watching movies. I mean we would rent a TON of movies and then watch them all marathon like. Oh those were days, and it was a special treat when Mom busted out the Tombstones.

Remember being so excited about Christmas that you could just spit? I remember one year my Mom presented me with a box filled with delicately made, extravagant, handmade barbie doll clothes. I'm talking ballgowns that would make Cinderella green with envy. I played with those until they were rags, but you know I still can't help but to feel a little ashamed. At the time, on Christmas morning, I was disappointed because all Mom got me was more "stupid doll stuff" while my brothers got cool transformers, remote control cars, hot wheels, moving He-Man, etc. It's just that she was always so into dolls and clothes and accessories, and I was not. I thought it was more her thing than mine so at the time I guess I felt pressured to like dolls more than I actually did.

But you know, I still played with them. It's not like I had any choice, my brothers were not about to share their cool toys with their stupid little sister.

Sometimes I am not proud of my 8 year old self. I wish I had all those doll clothes now.
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A small christmas rant. [16 Dec 2008|12:42pm]
My family is making it very hard for me be in the Christmas spirit.

My side of the family is poor. I'm talking, one outfit, dirty beyond recognition poor....no I take that back. They could afford to have warm clothes, a house that wasn't falling apart, decent food to eat, all that if they stopped drinking, smoking and playing video games all fucking day. None of them work, well Frank does under the table...if you know what I mean.

Usually I get them practical things. Things I know they need like towels, socks, pants, jacket, etc. This year I am tired of it and just asked what they wanted.

Mom - personal dvd player
Josh - The Last Remnant (xbox 360)
Shane - Wireless xbox 360 headset (and maybe a blanket)
Frank - Says he doesn't care. But whenever I don't get him anything, I hear about it from Mom about how he was "forgotten."
Andrew - probably a video game (I need to find out)

God. I know it's Christmas, but do they always have to so effin disappointing? I HATE that they think I am money bags. And because I asked what they wanted and it's all electronic shit...

Christmas with Tim's family is never as expensive as it is with mine.

EDIT: Not to mention that their house can't accommodate guests so we have to shell out money for a hotel on top of that, plus drive all the way there and back.
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Big Photo Post [01 Dec 2008|01:34pm]
I needed to get these out of my system -- and it's been awhile since there has been pictures. I think that this past month has really aged Morella.

Lots of pictures yoCollapse )
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Wow [19 Nov 2008|07:57pm]
The gmail themes option is really cool! I have "planets" set up right now.
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Holiday Poll! [15 Nov 2008|09:03am]
Poll #1297852 Christmas Photos

Christmas cards are the absolute best, when they include a:

a photo of just their child/children
a photo of the whole family
a photo of the dogs/cats
a photo of the whole family, with dogs and cats
no photo

I am going to

include a photo
have good intentions of getting photos done, but probably not
can't be bothered to go through the hassle of a photo

Holiday letters or newsletters, included with the card are:


Every year I:

send holiday cards
give holiday cards to only a few I hold near and dear
Bah humbug - quite cluttering up my mailbox
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Friday Photos [14 Nov 2008|09:31am]

Friday Photos: Hospital

These were all taken on the last day she was there, and when her IV was unhooked, because I gotta tell you, when the IV is in, you gotta do a lot more wrangling.

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