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Are you a newborn person?

Talk to me folks. Not many of you post as much as you used too. Today I am thinking about writing a post regarding Are You a Newborn Person" based on this these two posts --- and the subsequent comments (the best part). Several comments include the adoption experience.

True Confession, I loved having a Newborn
  and   Are You a Newborn Person? 

In a nutshell, I am not a newborn person.   Those first five months with Morella were a haze -- a tough, hellish haze of doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, exhaustion, ....etc.  I was sort of expecting the same with Athena...but so far that isn't the case. I find that I have bonded with her almost instantly (as opposed to taking 3-4 months with Morella) and am overall not as bothered by her newborn condition.  In fact, she is just the sweetest little thing and I love every second with her (almost).  That said, I still am looking forward to the 3-4 month mark when things start becoming remarkably easier and they become more interesting.  

What do you think? Are you a new baby person? 

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