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An announcement x-posted from Wazika

An Announcement: Crouton


And doctored to help those who aren't proficient in the art of ultrasound reading

Yep it's true. Crouton is the reason I have been feeling so miserable for what feels like an eternity. To be honest, this is the earliest we are telling folks because today's ultrasound was just *that* good. I had to share and break my earlier rule of not showing ultrasound photos (made because generally it's hard to see anything). Crouton is due on August 1st -- our 11th anniversary. So my friends, that is what you get for your 11th anniversary-- a baby.

Crouton is a complete surprise and was conceived in the month of hell aka November. It's the best thing that came out of that month. It's a total surprise to us as we didn't have to pay anyone any money! It's the reason my supply dropped so suddenly and dramatically. It's the reason the migraines are back. The day I found out, Tim was at his conference in Seattle and I was so tired and exhausted. I was trying to convince myself to go out for some coffee, except... I was late ... or was I? There could have been two times that I ovulated and according to the first guess I was late, but in regards to the second one I had two more days to go. In the end, I had a test burning a hole in my bathroom drawer so I decided "Why not? What's another used up negative test?" I think you can imagine my shock when a line showed up.

I called and demanded a quantitative beta test and got it. My first number was 106. Two days later it was 466. Based on these numbers I was able to determine it was the later ovulation (on CD24 - nine days after the typical average) and that I caught this pregnancy really early on.

Two weeks later at six weeks I started spotting. It was a Saturday and I was sure it was over. But it was only confined to that day and the next day it was gone. Regardless I went in for a third beta and that was 32721 two days later it was near the 60000 all was good. Nothing to do but wait for the dating ultrasound, which we had on the 23rd of December. I was a little shocked on that day to see a real live baby in there!

This post is taking forever to write. Morella is needy today and so we made a batch of sugar cookies to cheer her up. I just got done playing with her for 10 minutes and thereby bought myself a few minutes to finish this. I can only imagine the chaos it's going to be when there are two little kids under two in this joint.

I think it might be a boy. What else can cause me so much grief than a member of the opposite sex?
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I am *SO* incredibly happy for you guys!

Oh and PS. That *is* a great ultrasound picture! How many weeks is he in this picture?
wow, you really can see all the limbs and stuff - he's real! (i'm jumping on the bandwagon and hoping it's a boy, just because). congratulations!
Oh wow!! Congratulations!!!

Here's a to a happy and healthy pregnancy!! This is so exciting =)
YAY! Congrats!!!!!!!

I am so excited for you! That's awesome news! Happy Anniversary indeed! =D
Oh, how wonderful! What great news! congrats!
That's fantastic news! I'm so excited for you.
I agree it's a boy. This one has made me so much more irritable and cranky and all around blech than Erica ever did.

Deleted comment

OK I have to tell you - I am so psychic about your pregnancies. I totally knew that your IUI was going to work the first time and I really thought to myself about 2 days ago that you were pregnant. Craziness. Congrats!!
SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! I love the ultrasound pics. So ... Morella will not even be two before new baby arrives. You're brave!
Woohoo! That sure beats the steel that people traditionally get on their 11th anniversary. :)
Fantastic! Congratulations!
I totally agree its a boy!!
YEY! :) You will have a whole salad before you know it! :)
hee hee! your little crouton is so cute!! congrats!
Congratulations again, and on an amazingly clear ultrasound! I'm envious that you can already see a little kicking foot!

Whew, I'm so relieved I don't have to worry about hinting at -- or blurting out -- information about your condition in comments to your public blogs.
So with my doctor's and my best guess, our babies may only be a few weeks apart. Less than that if I go early again - hopefully not, but still, there's a chance.

Congrats, and YES I PROMISE TO KEEP YOU POSTED. You actually know more right now than my own mother!
happy good news yay! :)

L - I'm soooo happy for you! wow, i'm sure you guys are still in absolute shock that you didn't have to pay anyone for Crouton AND you didn't have to sit and agonize month to month (am I? am I not?). That's awesome that Morella will have a sibling! How far apart will they be? Mine will be 18 months or so - yes craziness and fear is what i'm feeling right about now (6 weeks before having her). btw - i swore this one was a boy too. guess that motherly instinct was wrong! thanks for sharing the news! xoxo
YAY! I'm so happy for you!!! I was wondering if you're illness back then had an ulterior cause, but then, I usually *do* wonder these things! Congratulations to you and Tim :)

And, I too think it's a boy. :)
omg! congrats.
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