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OMG. Morella just yapped something from her room. It's 9:00!! I am ready for bed! I figure I could indulge in a little reverse sleeping in since today was so long and arduous.

I remember when I was a kid how the winter break was spent watching movies. I mean we would rent a TON of movies and then watch them all marathon like. Oh those were days, and it was a special treat when Mom busted out the Tombstones.

Remember being so excited about Christmas that you could just spit? I remember one year my Mom presented me with a box filled with delicately made, extravagant, handmade barbie doll clothes. I'm talking ballgowns that would make Cinderella green with envy. I played with those until they were rags, but you know I still can't help but to feel a little ashamed. At the time, on Christmas morning, I was disappointed because all Mom got me was more "stupid doll stuff" while my brothers got cool transformers, remote control cars, hot wheels, moving He-Man, etc. It's just that she was always so into dolls and clothes and accessories, and I was not. I thought it was more her thing than mine so at the time I guess I felt pressured to like dolls more than I actually did.

But you know, I still played with them. It's not like I had any choice, my brothers were not about to share their cool toys with their stupid little sister.

Sometimes I am not proud of my 8 year old self. I wish I had all those doll clothes now.
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